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Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis

Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis building

Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis is an Accredited School located in Georgina, Ontario, Canada, that offers Hypnosis Certification courses to individuals who want to learn the power of Hypnosis. The school was founded in 2021 by Jennifer Wood, a Consulting Hypnotist who owns and operates a Hypnosis Center called Wellness Canada, founded in 2018.

Jennifer is a passionate Hypnosis Instructor with a strong interest in the field. She has been fascinated by hypnosis since she was only 9 years old and has dedicated her life to helping others using this modality.

Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis is accredited by the Complimentary Therapists Accreditation Association (CTAA), ensuring that students receive high-quality education and training.

The school offers both online and in-person courses, with options to attend classes on weekends or weekdays to accommodate different schedules. The school also provides mentorship for students who prefer one-on-one care. Payment plans are also available to help students with the cost of tuition.

A Hypnosis Certification course at Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis can offer many benefits. By learning the techniques of Hypnosis, students will be able to help others overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals. Hypnosis can be used for Stress Management, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, and much more.

Additionally, by becoming Certified in Hypnosis, students can open up new career opportunities, such as working as a Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnosis Instructor.

In conclusion, Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis is a reputable and accredited school that offers high-quality Hypnosis certification courses. If you're interested in learning more about how it can benefit yourself and others, this school is worth checking out.


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